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Il confronto con altri Paesi

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Il confronto con altri Paesi

( dei proff. Popescu e Dinca)

The items proposed in the graduate examination of Lyceum studies in Italy are similar to those in Romania, but we remark some differences.
– First of all, the applications are more practical for the italian students, while for the romanian students there are more abstract items proposed.
Our opinion is that the practical applications are preferable, since in this way one can test the skill of students to apply mathematics to particular situations.
– There are very few algebra items proposed to the italian students. We salute the presence of items of demonstration of combinatorial formulas (the sum of binomial coefficients).
–  We also find very interesting the possibility of choosing between two main problems from different fields of knowledge and between ten different questions.
– We remark the presence of questions of large interest (e.g. the problem about the game of chess or about Bruno de Finetti) which involve the items of mathematics history.
– We observed the presence of questions about some important theorems (e.g. Lagrange theorem) but the degree of difficulty is very low (known function, known interval ? these data are to be identified by the Romanian students in similar situations).
– For a romanian student, the presence of a function without the definition domain is not usual, even if it is generally accepted that the definition interval is the maximum possible. We think this problem arises because algebra is not treated with the due consideration concerning problems about injectivity, sujectivity  or bijectivity.  

 Daniela Dinca (Liceo di Bucarest) and Paul Popescu (Università di Craiova), Romania